About Me

Hello! I’m Roshan PJ. I'm a Software Engineer and a Blockchain Developer building in ICON/Polygon blockchain. I invest my time on research and creating valuable Web 3.0 products.

  • Associated with:ibriz.ai

  • Residence:Nepal

  • Availability:5AM - 12AM (GMT +5:45)

  • Address:Kathmandu, Nepal

My Education

2019 - 2022

Bachelors degree
Degree: BSc. (Hons) Computer Science

Institution: Herald College Kathmandu

Project Work: Virtual AI Assistant and Mental Health Guide

Grade: First class (Hons) degree

2017 - 2019

+2 degree
Branch: Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Institution: Jaya Multiple Campus

GPA (12th): 3.85 (College Topper)

My Skills

  • Programming: C, Java, Python, Flutter

  • Web Development: ReactJS, NodeJS

  • Databases:Relational, Non-relational

  • Project Management:Agile, Scrum, DSDM, Kanban

  • Operating Systems:Windows, Linux

  • Other skillsets:Figma, Unity3D, Git, AWS, ACS

My Experience

Blockchain Developer at ibriz.ai Handling development of decentralised applications in ICON blockchain including a Metaverse Game and an NFT Marketplace.
Leader at Herald AI Learners Community Responsible for organising and participating in several AI-related events with proper collaboration and planning among the team members.

Intern at DataHub Pvt. Ltd. Responsible for Helpdesk and IT support through the means of troubleshooting and setup of hosts in a cloud infrastructure.

My Hobbies

Reading Novels

Automating Tasks




Coding Personal Projects

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